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Aseema Editorial – November 2007 Deepavali Special Issue

mahesh2007.jpgDear Reader,

In India, it seems, people have lost a complete track of the outside world. No one seems to be interested in international politics. ‘When we have our own problems to deal with why should we be bothered about the outside world?’ suggested a friend of mine while giving his opinion about the past issue of our magazine – Aseema.

Simply speaking, we have developed a tendency in ourselves to believe that the world is not for us. Why this mindset is domineering majority of Indians? I am unable to understand. But what I can certainly say, with a definite amount of buoyancy, is: This is not good.

Being home to the world’s second largest population we simply aren’t masses of people. We, as a nation, are custodians of a great legacy which was first to preach the world about ‘Peace’. We are certainly a part and parcel of this great nation which, we must never forget, also happens to be part of the world.

When in Burma peaceful pro-democratic protestors are viciously battered we simply turn a blind eye. When Iran is going haywire with its irrational and illogical statements against the international order – we are little perturbed. We are blindly being driven by the dynamics of economics. Nothing to Indians is more enduring than their personal ’sense gratifications’. Let alone the world, how much are we really interested about our Nation itself is a matter of grave concern.

A great part of responsibility is to vest with the Media. Indians, a recent poll says, watch more News than Entertainment Channels. We have on records more than 200 channels all filled with insanity. The entertainment channels have little more than ‘Saans Bahu’ serials and the movies they show, over and over again, are of little interest to the viewers. Because of which they are turning more towards the news channel.

Filled with ‘String Operation’ videos and criminal stories there is hardly anything else in it. People around the corners of this country, evidently, are finding them more interesting than anything else. Considering this sad, but true, fact – that people are fast loosing their interest in books, and television being their new addiction they have no place for feeding their entertainment appetite than these news channels which are completely shaking the sensibilities of these viewers. Given there aren’t enough values of journalism in them their arrogance is badly setting a bad precedence to the viewers.

Let me take for a moment the recent case of a Muslim boy being found dead on the railway tracks after having married to a Hindu girl. Though there aren’t good evidences to prove that he was murdered – the media is simply pushing harder to prove the girls father and police to be shown as ‘Culprits’. Why is it so? Why are this media trying to take on extra burden of delivering Justice when its own responsibilities lie in the filthy ditches? Who are they to deliver the verdict?

Everyday media brings a story of corruption in the political hierarchy. They claim to ‘unveil’ the true face of the poor India – don’t they? But what are they really doing to inspire people to work in the direction. ‘It’s better to leave this country and settle abroad’ said a young chap to me when asked as to what he thinks of doing after his education. The media to this country is self defeating. Instead of being a watch dog it has become a ‘mad dog’ – let’s have little doubts. Having untamed and left alone in public they are willing to do anything to raise their viewer ship ratings. Just anything!

Journalist’s work is not to pass a judgment as many seem to believe. Their work is to inform and educate the people. They may certainly entertain, but not at the cost of national interest. They certainly don’t serve a national interest by bringing in family disputes to the national spectators. Do they?

To be frank I don’t they are journalist anymore. For a journalist his priority is to seek information and educate his viewers or readers what is true. But, sadly, for them all that matters is viewer ship ratings and sponsorships. Businessmen too couldn’t define their nature of profession – they are Mercenaries, in every sense.

But the point to be noted is who are going to tame those journalists? In the world where people die hard for publicity I don’t think politicians would ever be doing that. It is for people to raise their voice. But will they?

We all at Aseema have determined that we will try in our best possible way to inform those who are willing to learn about the true happenings. We don’t want to brood over the past neither we want to waste much time bashing those unethical mercenaries (whom we term as journalists) and their media. We would continue to be a free and fair media, as we have always been. Should we have raised bars of readership and advertising or not, we will stay in the line. This is our promise and we will stay true to it.

Before I conclude let me wish you all a wonderful Deepavali. May you be blessed with peace and prosperity!

U. Mahesh Prabhu
Executive Editor

Author | Investor | Painter | Media, Management & Political Consultant

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