Handling Terror: Still not a Serious Business

Terrorism Yesterday Prime Minister of India, on the eve of Independence Day, reaffirmed his commitment to ‘firmly fight terror’. By the way the statement is not new and has been consistently made by PM’s after PM’s. Manmohan Singh’s is just a reaffirmation of that legacy. ‘Talk it loud and then flip it over’ – is the definition of India’s terror policy. We have, and shall continue, to be a soft state in handling terror. But why are we so? Why is it that no successive government was able to put a halt on the terror? Why is it for 6 decades we have been constantly eroded by terrorism? Why do we suffer from the countless conspiracies run by our neighbors? What wrong have we done to any? Any answers? If something is killing India, there are three: inaction of its citizens, inefficient presentation of truth by the media and the corruption of our political class.

The terrorists in the country are indeed very handful. They are less than 0.01% of our populace and their theories being ‘medieval’ in the making, be that of Maoists or Islamic Fundamentalists, there is hardly any chance for them to gain momentum. Those fundamentalists could find place in countries of the West and Middle East easily, but India is too big and complex for them to gain momentum. At least not until the mainline media give them a say and way!

But with the medias are changing side with the ‘anti-nationals’ and ‘anti-constitutional’ powers like that of Jihadies and Naxals, there is a growing discontent among the Muslims and the economically oppressed classes to find their way into them. How many times have we seen a trouble faced by a terrorist being glorified in the media to justify their acts of terror? And how many a time have we been speaking about them?

When Dr. Haneef was arrested in Australia the entire media of the country was behind him – as if to prove that he was the last Muslim who was not a terrorist. Why this double standard? Why so disparity? The day Haneef was released three army personnel’s had laid down their lives in fighting against the antagonists of our land. They had to wait for two days before they could make their way into 10 lines of news in some scarcely visible space of our ‘mainline’ newspaper.

By the way the Medias in the country were so desperate to find him innocent that they simply declared him ‘not guilty’ by the time he was given a ‘bail’. When few handfuls of people in Australia, mainly fanatic Muslims and unjust secularists, started raising their voice in his favor this was considered as an ‘important’ point to prove his innocence. Poor Politicians of the country seemed to have forgotten the fact that ‘Judiciary’ is supreme than the people who vote for them, at least, when it comes to declaring someone is right or wrong. While Prime Minister of the country lost his ‘Sleep’ over the issue, Karnataka Chief Minister went out of his office to find him at Haneef’s door step in Bangalore and offer him a ‘Government Job’. Could it haven been more insane? I am sure not.

Let alone the Islamic Terrorism, let’s talk about the Naxalites. Did we just spoke about Prime Minister’s commitment to fight terror? I am sure we certainly did. However that’s just one statement for Independence Day speech. Besides it is yet to get sanctity from our Home Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patil, who describes the Naxals as “My Brothers and Sisters.”

Let me not go fanatic by speaking the wrong doings of UPA. Let me do what my Journalistic conscious say: ‘to inform the truth.’ It happened recently that a list of Naxalites was issued by the Karnataka State Police Department. Within days later some of the names in the list were called back. Premier Kannada news paper, mainly Vijay Karnataka and Hosa Digantha presented their respective readers with a photo which depicted those personas, removed from the list, with former Naxalites killed in encounter. The state JD(S) Government backed by the BJP kept mum over the concern and did zilch. Why so? That’s politics.

No country’s politics in the world could be as complex and dirty as one we have in India. The communist who claim to be ‘messiahs’ of ‘downtrodden’ and ‘poor’ themselves slaughtered many in Nandigram (West Bengal), the place where they are being reigned supreme for past 3 decades. Jehadis or Mujahiddins (freedom fighters) of Kashmir, after having slaughtered and driven the Kashmiri Pundits, are now doing their second (similar) act with their own people. BJP which is criticized ‘decisively’ the Nandigram episode are now all set to do the same act in a place called ‘Nandigudi’, a place 60 Kilometers from Bangalore, where 5,000 Hectares of land is being planned to be given to a little known ‘Skilled Company’. Will they get back to their consciousness? Don’t expect that… there is lot of money in SEZ to be made by our politicians.

You may have been confused over my mentioning of SEZ issue with terror. You must just think as to what would there be a relation between two. Don’t you? You should. It’s very simple; terrorism thrives at places where there is poverty and unemployment. When a premier company was closed in Kudremukh in Karnataka a major part of 5,000 families were displaced overnight and had no option but to join the Naxalite movement. When Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir the tourism went into a ‘nose dive’ and eventually the people dependent on the industry had no option but to bond with Jihadis. By the way a Jihadi is paid 5,000 Rupees a month compared to 4,000 what he may have earned out of living. It is a total myth that the Mujahiddins don’t fight for money. Nothing could be a better nonsense.

Each SEZ displaces, at least, 5000 families consisting of minimum 300,000 people, and employs just 10% of the displaced people. And the employed ones are those who are educated and qualified, what about those who aren’t qualified? Would they have any better option than being a Naxalite or Terrorist? By the way there are approximately 700 SEZ in pipeline all over India which means more than 3,50,00,000 people are going to loose not just their jobs but homes – giving a wonderful enrollment opportunities to the anti-national organization. It’s high time we understand that ‘Terrorism’ is not as much a ‘Philosophical’ problem, as much as it has to do with ‘Economical’.

Till date southern Indian states were little affected by terror but now, watch out, it’s just going change for shoddier, mind you. It was John F Kenned who once said ‘If those who are privileged could save the few who are oppressed, then there exists very bleak chance to for the privileged to save their privilege.’

U. Mahesh Prabhu | August 15, 2007 | indiamahesh@gmail.com

Author | Investor | Painter | Media, Management & Political Consultant

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