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Karnataka Elections: So who will loose?

Karnataka Elections

The election campaigning is going on in full swing in Karnataka. The destiny of the state polls will also decide the next Lok-Sabha (LS) elections due next year. It is well anticipated that if BJP is to be triumphant Congress is sure to put off the early elections. If not, premature LS polls are assured.

In the helm of affairs while H D Deve Gowda is acting as a proverbial Jackass, Congress is trying its level best to prove itself as ‘the most principled’ and ‘ideal’ party to rule. For ‘all deserving’ former Chief Minister (CM), B S Yediyurappa (BSY), of the BJP, it is all about: as to whether or not he would be seated on the chair of CM, yet another time. Every one is desperate for Power. But why are they seeking Power? Is there a sustainable mission to it? I have my own incredulity, though for many it may seem otherwise.

Yes, they do talk at a great length on principles, ardor and pledge. But how much do they really observe in action? For decades now we Indians are forced to choose from best of the most dreadful politicians to rule us and to administer the affairs of the government. Everyone in this state, and country, will agree that we need a much deserving leader, but what is the definition to that ‘deserving leader’? We certainly aren’t clear. Why? In answering this ‘Why?’ lies the key to our prosperity. But we haven’t ever thought over it. And that’s because: we have our own personal ‘problems’, ‘commitments’ and ‘crisis’ to attend to. Amidst which there is hardly any time for the nation? Thus we suffer.
HD Deve Gowda, the former Prime Minister and head of the Janata Dal (Secular) or JD(S), is so puffed with conceit that he seems to be thinking himself of nothing less than ‘God Almighty’. His son, and former CM, is ‘confirmed’ of his party’s ‘highly deserving victory’ in the coming elections. How come are they so confidant? Many of his opposition term it to be a classic case of psychosis.

Congress, that which formed the government first, under the Chief Ministership of Dharam Singh initially, not to forget, with the help of HD Deve Gowda’s JD(S) and that which lost power because of it, is keen to rein supreme in the assembly polls, scheduled for May 16. Its point: ‘JD(S) and BJP have ruined the state’ and that ‘people of Karnataka have been tired of mismanagement ever since because of corruption instigated by them and are keen to give back the power to Congress’.

Did they say ‘people of Karnataka are tired of mismanagement’ and that people are keen to give back the power to them? Then, perhaps, they have to answer: As to why is it that when Yediyurappa declined from power sharing and decided to fight elections instead did Congress government at the center installed President’s Rule instead of calling for elections? I am sure, it is very much because, Congress should have promptly recalled the day in history when Vajpayee government was toppled by 1 vote after being in power for a meager 13 days, and that which led to its staggering comeback in the subsequent election. They feared of history repeating itself.

So, am I here to say that BSY is the one to rely on? No, certainly not. I am convinced that for BSY nothing is as important as gaining the Chair of CM. It’s not that bad to deserve the power. If no one is to lay their claim to power, who is to run the affairs of the state? His party’s manifesto clearly depicts the sheer desperateness in him to be the CM yet again. If those promises in the manifesto are to be attained the entire state’s treasury is to dry up in a day. I am still unclear how he promises things like rice for such a modest price (INR 2.00), though for the poor, especially when there is an increase in inflation alongside the drop in the agriculture productivity. Isn’t there any economist, or a person who understand basics of economics, to tell him about the fundamentals?

Coming to my viewpoint as to who would win, let me tell you, that no one wins when the condition is such that voters are to choose from the best of the most terrible candidates. It’s someone’s defeat that which makes the other to win. The people of Karnataka are certainly not the ‘jackasses’, at least not all.

Voters in the state are affected, and badly, by the inflations which is currently over 7.5% in the country. They are not happy with the increase in the price of regular commodity. They know that it is currently Congress’s regime, though indirectly, which is running the state. And it would certainly see to it that they have their voice made clear. By pulling the chair beneath BSY’s ass within a week of assuming charge the Gowdas have shown their callousness, a quality which not many Kannadigas appreciate. Also the voters in the state have witnessed the Congress rule under Dharam Singh and JD(S) under Kumaraswamy. None could make a worth point to ask for power yet again.

People of Karnataka, like most of the other part of the country, are the ones with kind heart, they are also emotive. They have, I sincerely feel, a sense of sympathy for BSY and also a sense of logic that perhaps he needs to be given a chance to rule, fairly and independently. So it is more possible that they might give a majority for the BJP to rule by, as benefit of doubt, diverting their votes from the other contenders. If I am to depend on my sources all the parties would technically agree with me on this.

Every party’s internal pre-poll survey, I am told, is pointing at a safe majority for the BJP. However, these are all like fortunetelling, that which seldom works. It’s prudent to wait and watch, not many days left you see. Until then keep your fingers crossed or just enjoy the Tamasha.

U. Mahesh Prabhu is the Editor-In-Chief of Aseemaa: Journal for National Resurgence | May 6, 2008 | http://indiamahesh.wordpress.com

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