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As the poll counting came to an end…the Congress led UPA emerged triumphant. While the members of the winning camp harped on every instant to lionize their triumph, the loosing camp was busy doing the ‘soul search’ and run, also, the blame game. In the world which we live in if something, at all, does matter that would be [Winning]. To win and not to loose, any soul would do practically everything under the sun.

Election is a process, putatively, where people of different views struggle to attain power to lead the country in the way in which they suppose would be prosperous. But is that really so?

If with a good and adequate proximity with nearly all the political parties one cannot but find an striking similarity among all the political factions. You have no idea about the kind of money which is pumped in during the canvassing process. And this money isn’t spent just like that. There is a repayment anticipated. And that repayment comes through kickbacks and other traduced and corrupt practices, which are mostly against the interest of this land and its people.

In his tenure the winning candidate has to do everything to earn back the money with interest. It scarcely counts, then, if the manner endorsed is effectual or otherwise. Even if it scathes the interests of this nation – who cares?!

The election which is to foresee nation ‘prosperous’ is simply lost in transit by the time all the MPs fight for a berth in ministry to earn bucks and return it to their masters, or for themselves, with a wonderful rate of interest.

Not just John F Kennedy but even his motto ‘Ask not what your country has done to you, but ask what you can do for your country.’ is dead. Forget others; would you at least worry to realize the innate entailing of the words of late JFK?

The ancient saying ‘YATHA RAAJA TATHAA PRAJA’ (Meaning: Like the king are his men), of Kautilya, is still nonpareil. The reason for the state of the nation being so is because in Democracy it’s the people who are the king(s). If the king(s) by themselves are corrupt, then…

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