Little lesson from a little one

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It was to be just another day at one of the bookstore, where I go, of course, to buy books and not just to ‘window-shop’. But it turned out a bit different experience for a very simple reason.

As browsed through the scores of books under various categories under the new release segments just a few paces from there, at the billing counter, a lady customer appeared. Somewhere in her 30s she had a very cute kid along. She presented to the counter a book for billing. ‘That would be 300 bucks madam.’ said the vendor while handing over the bill, furthering ‘How would you like to pay? Would you like do the payment by cash or credit card?’

‘Err…’ looking a bit skeptic, lady presented a piggy bank ‘By this.’ Everyone standing in the queue was looking more strangely. ‘My daughter has saved for several months, from her pocket money, to buy this book and she wishes to pay from her piggy.’ The young kid’s was a face to see.

This attracted not just mine but everyone’s eye ball. I was so moved, for a while. The mom was really teaching her kid the value of money, something which we are mostly forgetting.

It added more to my pleasure when a very sweet lady, employee of the store, patted the girl back saying. ‘How sweet of you… so you buy things with your hard earned money.’ The girl, though filled with shyness, would turn to her mom but convey to the lady ‘I don’t earn. I save it.’

I was so moved. The child could distinguish, and well, between ‘Savings’ and ‘Earnings’. And the kid was barely 5-6 years old!

There is truly something to learn and realize… from every person… no matter how young or old he/she might be.

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