Pain Endured is Pleasure Sought

Life has awe-inspiring ways to impart its lessons. And every lesson it imparts, is either with great “pain” or with extreme “pleasure”. Pain and pleasure are the most impending sentiments of life. You can seldom be glad with your pleasure, and similarly, can never be happy in presence of pain. But if you have had no pain where would have you realized the pleasure? It’s tricky, indeed. If you could sum up your lessons in life it would certainly tell you all but one thing: You have zilch within your purview. You have so little to do when circumstances are upon you.

Many, I have seen, have a life of pleasures filled to the brim and yet they aren’t satisfied. Even a minute thorn may seem to them as if a grand obstacle. Contrary to it I have seen also people who have outlived their pains so much so that “pain” is no more a pain. Agony is for them is in absence of pain. May seem strange, but it’s all but true.

After witnessing several instances if I have realized but one thing that would be: Pain is something which you don’t love and pleasure is something which is completely in contrary to the definition of former.

If you think your work is a pain, just promise yourself that you shall endure it and in no time will your feel the pain is paving way for the pleasure. Pain endured is pleasure sought.

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