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Thoughts on writing

In a nutshell: Writers seek INSPIRATION to write and they write to gain APPRECIATION from their readers. In today’s world it’s not easy to pursue writing as a full time profession and that’s the very reason why many writers keep a parallel profession to run their kitchen.

I don’t remember turning to writing for money. I don’t remember pursuing columns and articles in particular for the sake of appreciation(s), either. Honestly, when I embarked upon writing as a serious task – as a journalist – criticism weighed more than appreciation. I was criticized for various reasons; essentially for language (read “wrong grammar”). It was embarrassing and I don’t remembering handling those critics well. Ideology was the second on the list of my critics but first on the list of my admirers.

When you have erred people can take good time from their otherwise “busy schedule” to explain your errors and advice. Criticisms are good but only until they don’t discourage you. Misconstrued criticisms are essential reasons for many to disengage themselves from writing – even for fun.

The best and, also, the worst thing about writing is that NOBODY can teach you to write. You may as well attempt to copy someone’s style of writing but you can simply never be the writer himself. So to be a successful writer you must never do that. Develop your own style. This is a quintessential fact any writer has to realize before pursuing writing seriously.

Writing isn’t just about grammar but beyond that. It’s imperative that you write in a way your audiences can understand. You may as well write in very fine English, but that’s all to be in vain if your readers fail to understand anything. Then you only “rhyme without any reasons”. These days there are several freelance language editors who do these jobs pretty well. But for any writer the joy is beyond measures if only his original words would please the people for whom (s)he writes for.

Before you write something you got to contemplate – deeply. Writing works well after meditations and contemplations. Words are free – but they are NEVER cheap. You got to weigh your words carefully to create the right impact upon those who are to read you. So think and re-think before and after you have made your final draft.

Many writers give up on writing simply because publications fail to publish their works, repeatedly. The discouragement they find is simply phenomenal. Many a times it becomes important that you inspire yourself. Remember: No matter how much inspiration may come from outside – it’s all in vain unless you have that drive in you. You may not know the right language or may not have the skill; but they will all come to you provided you strive for it. That striving is possible only when you have that relentless desire within.

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