Mundaka Upanishad on Teacher, Rituals and Sacrifices

We live in an era of SELF STYLED, PREACHERS, GURUS AND GOD MEN; who – simply – invent,  re-invent and circumvent age old IDEAS and re-brand as something “new”. For whatever the “new-news” they will always fail to impress the truly LEARNED and WISE.

Following is an interesting except from MUNDAKA UPANISHAD (Chapter 2:1-13):

The RITUALS and SACRIFICES described in the VEDAS deal with lower knowledge. The sages ignored these rituals and went in search of higher knowledge. Look at these rituals: When the fire is lit, pour butter into the fire in two spots; Then place the offering between these two. These oblations will take the worshiper on the sun’s rays to the world of BRAHMA, where he can have his fill of enjoyment. Such rituals are UNSAFE RAFTS for crossing the sea of SAMSARA (world) of birth and death. Doomed to SHIPWRECK are those who try to cross the sea of SAMSARA on these poor rafts. Ignorant of their ignorance, yet wise in their own esteem, these deluded men proud of their vain learning go round and round like the blind led by the bird. Living in darkness, immature, unaware of any higher good or goal, they fall again and again into the sea. But those who are pure of heart, who practice meditation and conquer their senses and passion, shall attain the immortal self, source of all light and source of all life. Action prompted by pleasure or profit cannot help anyone to cross this sea. SEEK A TEACHER WHO HAS REALIZED THE SELF. TO A STUDENT WHOSE HEART IS FULL OF LOVE, WHO HAS CONQUERED HIS SENSES AND PASSIONS, THE TEACHER WILL REVEAL THE LORD OF LOVE. 

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