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PK: What’s wrong and how to make it right…

Two day’s back my dear friend Shashi was kind enough to give me two movies to watch. One was the “controversial” (what which I would call vindictive) “Bollywood” (read Hindi) movie called PK and another was “yet another” (read unusual) Hollywood drama-crime-thriller GONE GIRL. Both movies, apparently, had a social “message” to convey. Obviously, their method was using story telling about the ever gullible people and people who play with their gullibility. While I would give perfect 5 stars for Ben Affleck starrer GONE GIRL, I would prefer to even rate Amir Khan Starrer PK. Reason? Read on…

Here’s GONE BABY’s story:

The day of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) returns home to find that his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) is missing. Her disappearance receives heavy press coverage, as Amy was the inspiration for her parents’ popular Amazing Amy children’s books. Suspicions arise that Nick murdered her, and his awkward behaviour is interpreted by the media as characteristic of a sociopath. Flashbacks reveal that Nick and Amy’s marriage has disintegrated; both lost their jobs in the recession and moved from New York City to Missouri. Nick has become lazy, distant, and unfaithful. Detective Rhonda Boney uncovers evidence of financial troubles and domestic disputes, a report indicating that Amy wanted to purchase a gun, and poorly concealed evidence of a struggle. She also finds a medical report indicating that Amy is pregnant, of which Nick denies knowledge. Through clues left for Nick by Amy, it is revealed that Amy, after discovering his affair, planned to frame Nick for her murder by ingratiating herself into local life, faking her pregnancy, and fabricating a diary describing her fear of her husband. She has changed her appearance and name and is hiding in a distant campground, believing Nick will be convicted and executed for her murder. Nick hires Tanner Bolt, a defence attorney who specializes in defending men accused of killing their wives, to prove his innocence. Nick meets Amy’s ex-boyfriend Tommy O’Hara, who claims Amy framed him for rape. He also approaches another ex-boyfriend, the wealthy Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris) – against whom Amy previously filed a restraining order – but Desi refuses to share any details. When Amy’s money is stolen by her neighbours from the motel she is hiding in, she calls Desi and convinces him that she ran away from Nick because she feared for her life. He agrees to hide her in his lake house, which is equipped with surveillance cameras. Nick convinces his twin sister, Margo, of his innocence. After Nick’s mistress, a student of his, reveals their affair at a press conference, he appears on a talk show to apologize for his failures as a husband in the hope of luring Amy, swearing he is not a murderer. His performance improves his public image and rekindles Amy’s feelings for him. She uses the lake house’s cameras to her advantage, making it appear as though Desi kidnapped and abused her. She seduces Desi and kills him during sex, then returns home covered in blood, naming him as her captor and rapist, clearing Nick of suspicion. Amy tells Nick the truth, saying that the man she watched pleading for her return was the man she wants him to become again. Nick shares this with Boney, Bolt and Margo, but has no way to prove Amy’s guilt. Nick intends to leave Amy and expose her lies, but Amy reveals that she is pregnant, having artificially inseminated herself with Nick’s sperm stored at a fertility clinic. Nick doubts the child is his and says he will undertake a paternity test. Nick reacts violently to Amy’s insistence that they remain married, but feels responsible for the child. Despite Margo’s objections, he reluctantly decides to stay with Amy. They announce on television that they are expecting a baby.

So, essentially, GONE GIRL is all about how gullible people are when a woman posing as pregnant and sweet is missing develops complete hatred towards her man. It also tries to depict how one sided and unprofessional journalists could be. Did the movie succeed in spreading the message? I bet so! But did the movie try to pose a very angelical flavour to the man? Of course, not! Why? Because then movie would be apparently non-objective and appear vindictive. To generalize things would be to loose objectivity! Creativity then is a sham! This an unwritten yet accepted norm by ethical, sensible and just people.


Here’s PK’s story:

A humanoid alien, PK (Aamir Khan), lands on Earth on a research mission in Rajasthan but is stranded when the remote to his spaceship is stolen. PK, not knowing Earth customs, learns to fit in among humans by wearing clothes and using money that he steals from couples having sex in cars. He attempts to learn to communicate by grabbing the villagers’ hands and absorbing their memories through touch, but they chase him away when he tries. Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt) strikes him with his car and takes him to a doctor who declares PK is a person suffering amnesia. Bhairon befriends him and, interpreting the alien’s hand-grabbing as sexual interest, takes him to a brothel. There, the alien holds a prostitute’s (Reema Debnath) hand for six hours and thus learns the Bhojpuri language. The alien travels to Delhi in search of his stolen remote. Due to his strange behaviour, the people in the city assume he is tipsy (tipsy translates to pee-kay in Hindi) and call him PK. Delhi turns out to be a very large city, and people tell him that only God can help him find his remote. PK tries to find God, but is confused by India’s various religions and their confusing traditions. He later discovers that a godman, Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla), has his remote. However, Tapasvi falsely claims to have attained the object from God in the Himalayas and refuses to return it to PK. Bewildered, PK concludes that Tapasvi and other religious heads must be calling a “wrong number” to God and, as a result, spreading misunderstandings and meaningless rituals. Meanwhile in Bruges, television reporter Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) falls in love with a man named Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput). Jaggu’s father (Parikshit Sahni) objects to their relationship because Sarfaraz is a Muslim from Pakistan; he consults Tapasvi who predicts that Sarfaraz will betray Jaggu. Determined to prove them wrong, Jaggu proposes to Sarfaraz. She is heart-broken at the wedding chapel when she receives a letter calling off the marriage due to their differences. She returns to India where she is intrigued while watching PK distributing leaflets about a missing God. After hearing his story, Jaggu devises a plan to expose Tapasvi and recover PK’s remote. Jaggu encourages thousands of people to send in videos of their own experiences with religious heads calling “wrong numbers”. Finally, Tapasvi is forced to come into the studio and confront PK on-air. Tapasvi claims he has a direct connection to God and refers to his prediction of Sarfaraz’s betrayal as proof. However, PK absorbs Jaggu’s memories and discovers that Sarfaraz did not write the letter she received. Jaggu contacts the Pakistan Embassy in Belgium where Sarfaraz worked part-time; the embassy tells her that Sarfaraz still loves her and calls them daily to inquire whether she has called. Jaggu and Sarfaraz reconnect and Tapasvi, exposed as a fraud, is forced to return PK’s device. In the course of the film, PK falls in love with Jaggu but refrains from telling her because she loves Sarfaraz. He instead records tapes of her voice and fills his suitcases with batteries so that he can listen to the tapes on his home planet. While departing, he lies to Jaggu regarding the content of the tapes; Jaggu, despite knowing the truth, keeps quiet. She later publishes a book about PK and, at a book reading, claims that she misses him deeply. The film ends with PK returning to Earth a year later on a new research mission with another alien (Ranbir Kapoor).

While there’s nothing wrong in the overall theme of the story and appears completely-wonderfully creative; the objectivity is lost and creativity is left completely to demonize the Hindus “god men” when everything goes to prove how “insane” Hindu tradition is – though indirectly. I wouldn’t have minded that either for some of it is true! But what I was not happy with is when to prove their objectivity the movie makers try to show selected short coming of Christian and Muslim clergy but nothing about their faith at large. Why? The answer, apparently, is still unclear!

This is the bone of contention. Today the world is suffering owing to so much of wrong doings of sematic faiths – Christianity and Islam – in particular. In past 2,000 years millions of blood has been spilled for no sane reasons. Yet, it’s utterly baffling that the movie makers must find everything wrong with Hindu faith and India in particular.

A brilliant propaganda is done for the Pakistani High Commission Staffs and Pakistani boys (Not sure if that was for free). It’s also shown how romantic things are when a Hindu girl falls for a Pakistani guy. As it may seem nothing seems to be wrong with Pakistan for this movie’s makers. It won’t be wrong to say that every effort has been made using “creativity” to show how “stupid”, “gullible” and “insane” Indian – specifically Hindu – masses are! Why so? Not a good word is said of Hindus. NOT ONE! Their tradition of going to temple is a sign of “fear”. Their bowing to their guru’s is their “stupidity”. Of the two hours of movie, 95% of time the emphasis on Hindu thought and rest on modest attempts to “criticise” Christians and Muslims (particularly Shia). Is that what you call creativity? Is that their objectivity?

However, if your answer is “yes”, you definitely need to seek help. If your answer is “no”, I’d say please take help of Torrentz, download the movie and share the movie publicly to everyone so that not a soul goes to theatre or buys DVDs adding to the movie’s profit.

That’s the best and just retaliation what “right wing” Hindu groups could do. Don’t make any more publicity you’ll only help them make them more money. Just pirate their every movie they make in the future and distribute it for free. Let them hunt every one down instead of us trying to gain little or nothing with police complaints and PILs.

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