The pompous scholar

One day several men were being ferried across the river in a boat. To pass his time a pompous scholar who was travelling in the same boat began conversing with his fellow traveler.

“I am a scholar” he said, adding “I’ve made deep study of Upanishads. Have you read Upanishads?”

“No Sir, I haven’t” came the reply.

“Haven’t you? You poor fellow! A quarter of your life has been wasted!” declared the scholar.

“Have you read Shastras, then?” the self-righteous scholar asked.

“No Sir. I can’t say I have.” replied the fellow traveler.

“Then half of your life has gone waste!” scholar declared – again.

“What about six systems of philosophy? Have you at least read them?”

“No” was the reply again from the traveler.

“Then my friend three fourths of your life has gone waste.”

After sometime the boatman shouted on top of his voice – “It’s a storm! I can’t control the boat. It’s gonna turnover. Every one of you please jump overboard and swim to the shore.”

“Good sir, I hope you know to swim.” It was fellow travelers turn to ask.

“No, I’ve never learnt swimming in my life!” replied scholar in fit of fear.

“Then your whole life is gone for sure!” declared the traveler before swimming to the shore. The scholar was drowned – obviously.

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