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A Parable on Knowledge v/s Wealth

Not so knowledgeable, yet pompous, and poor brahman named Balaki approached Ajatashatru – the ruler of prosperous kingdom of Kashi – with a claim that he could tell the “Ultimate Truth” in exchange for a handsome prize. The ruler humbly replied “I do know the ultimate truth; yet I won’t mind listening it again.”

When the brahman conveyed to the king that which he believed to be the ultimate truth; the ruler humbly disagreed with him. “I know all that you just said. They are only facts – not the ultimate truth!” Saying so the learned king explained the reason for his disagreement.

On hearing the words of wisdom from the ruler of Kashi he felt humbled and declared to be disciple of the King himself! But king who was bound by duties of his land and profession didn’t had any time; therefore declined at first. Yet, after seeing the incessant urge of humbled Balaki the accomplished king renounced the throne, became a Sanyasin and took the role of teacher to teach his ONLY PUPIL. Discourses of former ruler is documented in the timeless wisdom of a book called BRIHADARNYAKOPANISHAD.

According to Vedic traditions true Sanyasi is he who renounces at his will all the delights of the mundane world owing to the power of the true knowledge.

He who lives in comfortable structures, wears gold, enjoys sensual desires can seldom be a holy man. He’s verily an impostor.

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