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Parable on Fear

Long time ago in Middle-east a traveler met a curious fellow. “Who are you?” he asked, “and where are you going?”

“I am Cholera. I am going to kill five thousand people in Egypt”, said the other and resumed his journey.

A few years later they happened to meet again. The former asked the latter, “You had said that you’d kill only five thousand people; but you killed fifty thousand, instead.”

“No, No”, came the response, “I have killed only five thousand people; the rest died of fear.”

The parable is to depict power of fear – the lethal enemy of humanity. Ninety per cent of our worries and miseries are due to fear and misplaced infos.

Though what is feared may never happen, yet the apprehension of it saps out the vitality of man. Only when ignorance is alleviated does a man become wise‬.

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