Character as the Key to Happiness

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Everything can be conquered by the strength character. When you have purity and unselfishness, nothing more is necessary to bring wisdom. There is nothing else in this universe which can help you attain peace than purity of body and thought; as also there is nothing more potent than impurity to bring the gloom of unhappiness. This has always been the same. It is the inevitable law. Truth is one and unchangeable. It needs boldness to realize it, worship it and stand by it. Know this and be irresistible with the spirit of Truth and Purity.

Know that in the long run Truth will succeed; it cannot be otherwise. There is nothing like purity; its power is wonderful. Through it one gets almost unlimited wisdom. But it is very hard to gain. Always value this rare jewel and guard it with all your might. But this is only possible for one who understands the ultimate truth.

Know that purity and self control are the greatest treasures in life. Unless you have perfect control over the senses and purity of heart you cannot progress in the path of spirituality. But when you have these, nothing can hurt you or resist you. Always be watchful to be spotless from all worldliness and egotism.

Self-control is gained through the practice of non-attachment. Attachment is a habit and can be overcome by forming a new habit. Hundreds of times you may fail, but you know that unless you learn control you cannot have peace. So practice needs patience. You must struggle continually until you become perfect.

Start where you are standing now. Don’t complain rather begin where you are and move onward. Even though you’d fail thousands of times, you must still struggle to overcome those desires and passions which disturb the lake of your mind and do not let you see your inner self. Do not think that when you fail, all that you have gained is lost. No, each time you rise after failure, you acquire fresh strength.

Do not be in a hurry; all that you have within will manifest itself in due course of time. Work in moderation. Moderation is the only way to gain health, happiness and peace. When you observe this, then all your efforts will be crowned with success.

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