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Thought Control

When misfortunes strikes know that they are not just because of what you’ve done; it’s because of what you’ve had thought. If we cannot restrain ourselves from committing a deed which we know is evil, it is due to the fact that we first permitted ourselves to think of this evil act and failed to restrain our thoughts.

Strive not to think of the things which you believe to be evil.

More injurious than evil acts are those thoughts which lead us to evil acts. An evil act must never be committed. Evil thoughts give birth to evil deeds. Evil thoughts drag you along upon the path to evil deeds.

Fruit is born of seed. Even so, deeds are born of thoughts. Even as an evil fruit is born of evil seed, so evil acts are born of evil thoughts. As a farmer separates good and true seed from the seed of weeds, and selects from among the good seed the choicest and guards and sorts it; even so a prudent man treats his thoughts; he repels vain and foolish thoughts; he repels vain and foolish thoughts, and preserves the good thoughts, cherishing and asserting them. If you do not repel evil thoughts, nor cherish good thoughts, you cannot avoid evil acts. Good deeds come from good thoughts only. Cherish good thoughts, searching for them in books of wisdom, in sensible conversations and above all in your inner self.

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