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“What’s wrong with the world?”

Everyone seems concerned with the world. Everyone appears to be apprehensive, worried and disturbed. Nobody is happy with the way of the world. And everyone is in it for a fierce debate infested with unkind and abusive words; this is truer almost in every part of the world, today. And while everyone is debating the situation, none seems to be even interested in comprehending the problem.

The situation, to be honest, is nothing new. Every point of time in world history we see a severe uprising, war, and resulting chaos. There are times when an individual is born, raises above the expectations and becomes the savior of the masses. A few decades later the savior becomes the oppressor and is booted out of power either by people or by time. There are times when an individual who is loathed and frowned upon leads the charge from now where and changes people’s idea and perspective about him. Even the “greatest” of person is seldom without a critique. Such is the law of nature. For everything positive – there’s bound to be a negative.

Neither the negative nor positive is to be absolute. That fire which burns homes also cooks food. That person who talks of peace also wages war. Positive and negative are the way of the world. Life and death are two integral part and parcel of life. We will never know pleasure if we’ve not felt pain. We will never understand health unless diseases have bothered us.

That which we call good may bad to others. The person who’d be a prophet for some may be a criminal for many. It’s all a matter of perspective. Everything is, indeed, choice of perception that an individual mind or a collective mind may choose to see.

How are we to experience life then? You’ve loads of religions, numerous cults and a vast reservoir of theories to guide you here. All based on the idea of one individual and that individual’s experiences. The choice is yours. Of course, there are also those who believe in their right to make people influence in accepting the ideas that are dearer to them, who think it’s their right to suppress their detractors and oppress their opposers.

But suppression and oppression can go only so long. Even the mightiest of kingdoms and fiercest of rulers have failed against them. Power, just like everything in life, is transient, it’s not to be held by an individual or institution for long. It comes with a set expiry date. No matter how hard one might try, it’ll elude and slip away.

Power of position, muscle or weapon is therefore of little or no worth. It’s subject to the matter of law of causation. To have power is like having a deadly addiction. It’ll make you feel high and mighty but will also destroy you in the end. And yet, like any addiction, it makes the possessor believe that it’s bliss.

Men may live but a hundred years, nations a few hundred more. Civilizations for thousands but we all forget that all those years are nothing for the universe which has existed for billions.

We consider death to be our enemy and try our very best to elude it. So scared are people about death that they even forget to live. Never do they realize that it’s life that gives us experience – pain or pleasure – while the death offers the end to all experiences.

Superiority is the concept of the deluded mind, believing that it’s better than others. Superiority is a white elephant – it makes feel better but only until someone challenges it. Even a little criticism or a fair description of someone superiority can make that individual loose one’s mind, raise one’s tone and also raise a sword to slain one’s critic. Of what use is such superiority? Whom are we trying to oppress? Whom are we trying to prove? Alas, had we overwhelmed our mind, realized that we are not our mind, would we understand that it’s the mind that is evil we see elsewhere.

The untamed mind is undoubtedly the evil we do, see and let to prevail. The untamed mind is that which consider itself to be supreme and makes us desirous of lust, succumbs to anger, drives with greed, lure with infatuation, emboldens with ego and crushes us with envy. The only way to take charge of our mind is by checking our six detrimental qualities – lust, anger, greed, infatuation, ego, and jealousy.

With a tamed mind, we have peace of mind, clarity in our thoughts and perspective bereft of delusions in our actions.

The untamed mind is what is wrong with the world, and a tamed mind is undoubtedly the solution. It’s not hard to think: why do people abuse, hurt, kill or destroy? Do they do it with a sane mind? Why do we lose our mind? What are we trying to protect? What is it that we get here on this earth when we are born? What is it that we are going to take with us when dead?

Why don’t be stop preaching others and start questioning ourselves? Why don’t we see the source of problems we face as individuals or as humanity?


Author | Investor | Painter | Media, Management & Political Consultant


  1. Sree Maa says:

    Crystal clear understanding of the big concerns discussed widely to the extent of heated arguments over most trivial facts.
    Some points are potent and cannot be bypassed by even the most argumentative mind.

  2. Sundaram says:

    V Poignant. I question myself, and my present situation as much as it adds to the confusion. However i seem that there are very few who are going through such internal questions and match actions with them.
    Adding to this another perspective.
    As an empathic conscientious but restrained parent of a young kid this post makes me wonder still how to teach the kid what are the tenets to survive in this warped world. This ‘fear’ of being ill equipped to be a better informed and equipped parent drives me anxious every day, clouds decisions, every one of them both at work and in personal life. Indecisions galore.
    I wonder how other parents do it so well that their kids gain much confidence so as to lose their natural innocence and speak act as adults would at such early age as 6,7 yrs.
    While at times i give up and consider the Supreme to guide me but at the back of it all the management principals of being proactive, being prepared, having plan A, B, C makes me paranoid for not implementing these in personal life for the kid to learn these as the only life saving skills of the future. Then again there is an intense urge to get the kid into a lifestyle with minimal pressures of expectations get the kid trained in Indian traditional lifestyle and traditions – the see_saw just goes on. Not gone through your entire blog if you have written on anything related.

  3. Madhavi says:

    Nice to read the article!

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