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The consequence of Information Overload on your Professional Wellbeing

Too much data and information have the colossal power to drive you away from your objectives, ones that matter the most, crucial ones. They make you lose the Focus – the key to achieving and success.  Whatever you want in life, you will need to have absolute clarity about that. You must also be clear why you need what you need.

This clarity and focus must remain unmistakable, undeterred and no amount the challenges you face must make you overwhelmed. You get motivation only when you are focused on the path and seldom succumb to doubts that raise their hood in your mind. Once you have learned the ability to focus on objective unabashed you tend to gravitate naturally to success.

When there is an information overload, there is a direct consequence on your focus, and after that your objective. There is a sheer need to ensure that you know what is necessary for you, important for you, crucial for you. In simple terms this means retaining the information that is crucial and scrapping leaving that is not—even better prioritizing it.  

When people are bored these days, they tend to browse through Social Media and related mobile apps. These lead to information overload. These although with ability to offer limited distraction and entertainment, they can only be detrimental in the long run. Because to achieve anything worthwhile the most important thing in life is to remain focused. Worthless gossips and information can only clog and, even, create a cluttered mind. The clearest mind is the mind that is focused and that has its priorities set straight.

Therefore, this focus must be primarily on accumulating anything analysing and working on right information. But what is right information? To answer this question, we must first understand the very nature of information. We need to know the information.

There are four keywords we need to understand, namely: Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

Data is raw input. It can be data, number, location or context. Data means nothing. A number will mean nothing unless you know what it represents. A number 17 is better understood when it is known as the age of a person; a date has better understood in context of anniversary, date or expiration date of any specific product. So, when you know that 29 is the age of a person, that 29 becomes information. Data are useless by themselves but better in perspective of information.

Information completes data. But this is not to conclude that information is complete. So, what if you know an anniversary date of a person. If you use it as a mechanism to wish the couple on their anniversary, you might as well have won or retained friends. Knowing what to do with information is better interpreted as knowledge.

Again, even though the knowledge completes the information it does not complete itself. What do you do with friends? What kind of friends do you want? What do you do with friends you do not want? How to let go of people without troubles? These are complex questions you yield when you have some knowledge. But the knowledge is incompetent to answer them. Only wisdom can and in a way that makes sense. It is the wisdom that completes the knowledge.

Wisdom is also about knowing what you need to know, how you need to know and what do you do with things you know but may not need to know. A wise mind is that which is balanced. It knows what one needs to follow and unfollow, like and unlike, accept and reject.

When we see things on social media that interest amuse and fascinate us, we tend to be swayed by emotions. These emotions, when driven by Lust, Anger, Greed, Infatuation, Ego & Envy we tend to collapse. It is therefore important that we do not let the mind overwhelm us.  

While technologies are to ensure that information is made available in plenty – the intellectual to act upon proactively – is never perused. Researchers have found that in certain circumstances, having more information may lead people to make worse decisions.

The challenge in life is to understand what you intend to do or achieve. It is when we have achieved this clarity that we can know what to do with the information. If you are blindly feeding your mind with irrelevant information or worse feeding your mind with irrelevant sense of achievement through likes, followers and comments you are creating a false sense of imagination. You are verily letting your mind into a state of delusion—a sense of false self-worth.

If you watch closely, a great many executives of the decades passed, ones who were Champions, Achievers and Winners, are barely remembered! They spoke of a place in history. Today, they are barely there. A great many people who had the greatest fall in their professions, who became fugitive, sent behind bars for wrongdoings were those who were once adored by masses, sang praises by the media, awarded by powerful and, even, made money by the loads.

Vanity is the worst sense of achievement, especially when it comes from a false sense of achievement or adoration. Today these false senses of achievement and adoration come from social media likes, shares, comments and followers. Worse, people have begun spending to gain such followers, likes and shares.

And so hard is the conviction that people that it is barely possible to dither them from such path. They have become a classic case of brainwashing through information overload.

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