November 12, 2015

The tale of a wise-old Rabbi

Once there was a young rabbi who settled down in a community. He was eager to teach and make his mark in the world. After several months he had been invited to speak at the local temple and had taught a few students, felt that he was still in the […]
November 12, 2015

Tales of Wisdom: Storyteller and a Samurai

Many years ago, there was an old storyteller – a master of his art – making his way through the countryside. As the sun lowered in the sky, he knew, from the grumbling in his stomach and the aching in his bones that he needed to find a place to […]
October 3, 2015

Vedic Wisdom for Leaders

The following is an excerpt from Simhasana Dvatrimsika translated by Aditya Narayan Dhairyasheel Haksar published by Penguin India: His life is fruitful, say the sages, Who lives acclaimed for learning valor, wealth and other merits. For even a crow can live long, eating left overs. The crow lives long, gobbling putrid […]
September 24, 2015

Vedic Concept of Adhyatma (Spirituality)

Vedic seers have declared that by receiving the knowledge of Adhyatma (roughly translated as Spirituality) an individual can identify and, thereafter, resolve all troubles, roadblocks and crisis in path to one’s prosperity. The following is the concept of Adhyatma professed by Bhishma in Mahabharata’s Shanti Parva (Chapter of Peace).  The […]