September 23, 2015

Character as the Key to Happiness

Everything can be conquered by the strength character. When you have purity and unselfishness, nothing more is necessary to bring wisdom. There is nothing else in this universe which can help you attain peace than purity of body and thought; as also there is nothing more potent than impurity to […]
September 22, 2015

Aphorisms of Sri Ramakrishna

There are two type of people who attain perfection in this world: those who attain the truth and become silent, enjoying it all to themselves without consideration for anyone else; people of the other type get the truth and cannot find pleasure in keeping it to themselves, but cry out in a […]
September 21, 2015

Wisdom of Bhartrihari

The sage Bhartrihari was a Sanskrit grammarian par excellence. He renounced his kingdom and took Sannyasa for Sakshatkara. He is celebrated for 3 works. Sringara Shataka (on the science of erotics and sensuality) Niti Shataka (on the science of polity and Rajyabhara). Finally he writes the celebrated Vairagya Shataka (on pure Advaita Vedanta and Sakshatkara). I’ve dug […]
September 20, 2015

Wisdom of Acharya Kapila

Not in a perturbed mind does wisdom spring. * Lotus wherever it grows is beautiful and pure. * Success is slow and is never possible without reflection. * Not by enjoyment is desire appeased. * He who’s bereft of desire is happy. * Though one devote himself to many teachers, he must […]