May 23, 2015

George Price’ tryst with Altruism

Does altruism/selflessness really exist? Where does true altruism/selflessness come from?  These were the questions that had occupied a brilliant, yet troubled, mind of George Robert Price, founder of “Price’s Equation” which is regarded by many as the most accurate mathematical, biological and evolutionary model for altruism. In his quest to understand altruism, Price inevitably dissected many […]
May 22, 2015

Charvak: The ancient Hindu atheist, materialist & hedonist

Hindu is mostly a modern word. Believe me when I say that none of the Hindu scriptures have even a word called “Hindu” or even closely related to it. That’s because the word came into being mostly after the Alexander “the great” failed conquest of India. Hindu was the word they pronounced whenever […]
May 21, 2015

The Christian Swami: Tale of Roberto de Nobili

Roberto de Nobili was born in 1577 into an aristocratic family with great influence in the Roman Catholic Church. Historical records show that he was related to two popes and had joined the Society of Jesus at a very young age. He arrived in Goa (India) on May 20, 1605 during the violent days to Inquisition. From […]
May 21, 2015

Do Hindu scriptures hate Dogs?

Even this is my vow steadily pursued, that I never give up a person who is terrified, nor one who is devoted to me, nor one who seeks my protection, saying that he is destitute, nor one who is afflicted, nor one who has come to me, nor one who is weak in protecting oneself, nor […]