June 7, 2015

Carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength

Our worries are due to various commitments and responsibilities. Our worries comes in many hues and colours. We feel inadequate when we compare ourselves with others. “Maybe… I’m not good enough to do that job” or “I don’t think I’m clever enough to make an impact” We may be afraid to […]
June 5, 2015

Being in, and out of, love

It’s stupid to expect that all our desires will be satisfied. No matter how much powerful or influential we may be or become we are sure to experience frustration(s) by the sheer presence of a desire. The things we don’t have – we’ll long for them. Once we have them, […]
June 4, 2015

Wise & Wisdom: Vidura’s perspective

By U Mahesh Prabhu Wisdom, in a subtle, way can be regarded as an ability to think and act using ones knowledge, experience, common sense and insight. There was a time when Wisdom was considered as supreme virtue and wise men were not just revered but were also most sought […]
May 25, 2015

Vedas: Neither theistic nor atheistic

Vedas are often confused as “religious scriptures” and are compared with that of Torah, Bible and Quran. That’s completely unwise – if you ask me. Vedas have never preached a religion as they’ve never divided people on any lines. The Vedas have only elements, namely: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space (nature). It […]