March 27, 2013

Thoughts on writing

In a nutshell: Writers seek INSPIRATION to write and they write to gain APPRECIATION from their readers. In today’s world it’s not easy to pursue writing as a full time profession and that’s the very reason why many writers keep a parallel profession to run their kitchen. I don’t remember […]
May 30, 2010

Determining the age of Saraswat Community

Who are Saraswats? In India, there are at least five Brahmin communities who claim themselves as ‘Saraswat Brahmins’, including: Gaud Saraswat Brahmins, Chitrapur Saraswats, Rajapur/Bhalavalikar Saraswat Brahmins, Kashmiri Saraswats, Punjabi Saraswats, Sindh Saraswats, Kutch Saraswats and Rajasthan Saraswats. This community, as a whole, has produced eminent personalities including Pt. Jawaharlal […]
May 26, 2010

Similarities between Vedic, Aztec & Mayan Culture

In 1940 a little known Buddhist Bhikshu (monk) – Chaman Lal – authored & published a book entitled “Hindu America” with the intent of “revealing” the forgotten story of the ancient Americas, especially India’s “immortal links” with the Aztec and Mayan civilizations of Mexico and the Ayar-Inca rulers of the […]
December 31, 2009

Demystifying the Sufis

History testifies the fact that most of the Sufi “saints” came to India either accompanying the invading armies of Islamic marauders or just followed them in their sweeping conquests. Hazrat Shaikh Khwaja Syed Muhammad Mu’īnuddīn Chishtī was accompanied to Ajmer and Khwaja Qutubuddin to Delhi by Muḥammad Shahābuddīn Ghorī, famously […]