June 29, 2008

Islam & Peace

Over the internet I have come to know of a very interesting group of people who have with them but one agenda: of convincing masses of ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Frankly I have had no issues with them, whatsoever, initially. As a firm believer in mutual co-existence and […]
June 22, 2008

Reactionary Hinduism

It’s virtually impossible to describe the word ‘Hindu’. You can define Muslim, Christian and people of other faiths quiet accurately, but not Hindu. Many deem that all Hindus are idolaters – that’s certainly not true. Arya and Brahma Samajis are also Hindus, but are completely critical of Idol Worship. If […]
June 1, 2008

Behind the Gujjar-Meena fracas

The 1857 uprising, though for a short time, unnerved the British. After the event, to ensure that this never occurred again, Britons began commencing a series of real politick measures. The Bengal army which had shown alarming camaraderie during the mutiny was disbanded. Calumny against the Brahmins, for having presented […]
May 21, 2008

Break the walls

When I met MJ Akbar (MJ) for the first time at his office in Green Park, New Delhi, we had a very transitory interaction. Though not much noticeable happened, in the last minutes of discussion, however, he made a statement which was to make a lasting impression on me – […]