October 3, 2018

“What’s wrong with the world?”

Everyone seems concerned with the world. Everyone appears to be apprehensive, worried and disturbed. Nobody is happy with the way of the world. And everyone is in it for a fierce debate infested with unkind and abusive words; this is truer almost in every part of the world, today. And […]
September 8, 2018

Socialism, Communism & Naxalism: Three Carcinogenic Ideologies Crippling the World Economy and Society

Exclusive to IndiaMahesh.com by U. Mahesh Prabhu On hearing words like Urban Naxals most people often think them to be different than those terrorist Naxals planning to overpower the Indian government and establish their version of the utopian state through ruthless means. Not many people understand Urban Naxals, their ideology […]
July 12, 2018

MDN: A unicorn in the making

This article by U. Mahesh Prabhu was originally published in Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine July August 2018 Issue. Reproduced in original form with expressed permission.   In my brief experience as an investor if there’s one quintessential observation I’ve made, then it’s the fact that companies with potentials are the ones who […]
June 22, 2018

Questions from Inquisitive Minds

My good friend Shivangini Pathak has always been generous in sharing my works with her friends and young students (aged between 11-15 years). A few weeks back she forwarded me a few questions from her students. Since I was busy completing my latest book Kautilya: Understanding the Colossal Genius (Volume […]