June 1, 2008

Behind the Gujjar-Meena fracas

The 1857 uprising, though for a short time, unnerved the British. After the event, to ensure that this never occurred again, Britons began commencing a series of real politick measures. The Bengal army which had shown alarming camaraderie during the mutiny was disbanded. Calumny against the Brahmins, for having presented […]
May 21, 2008

Break the walls

When I met MJ Akbar (MJ) for the first time at his office in Green Park, New Delhi, we had a very transitory interaction. Though not much noticeable happened, in the last minutes of discussion, however, he made a statement which was to make a lasting impression on me – […]
May 15, 2008

After arrack went off the rack

Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had no place for alcohol in his grand vision for India. In prompt compliance to this ‘vision’, his condemnation was written into the constitution. All the states, according to it, are supposed to be making it gradually more complicated to obtain alcohol until none […]
May 6, 2008

Karnataka Elections: So who will loose?

The election campaigning is going on in full swing in Karnataka. The destiny of the state polls will also decide the next Lok-Sabha (LS) elections due next year. It is well anticipated that if BJP is to be triumphant Congress is sure to put off the early elections. If not, […]