February 26, 2008

Why army is the most important political factor in Pakistan?

With the elections done and Nawaz-Zardari joining hands together to form the government, people in Pakistan and around the world might be of the impression that Pakistan’s military is out of the scene, as if obvious. But I can only wish it to be so. This I say because army […]
February 24, 2008

The Role of Media in National Integration

Lecture by: U. Mahesh Prabhu, Editor-In-Chief, Aseemaa: Journal for National Resurgence, At: SEMAA BHARATI – National Integration Camp on 23rd February 2008.   Distinguished dignitaries and my dear friends, It is indeed my privilege and honor to have this opportunity to speak on the topic of ‘Role of Media in […]
January 14, 2008

The ‘American Dream’ is still alive

By U. Mahesh Prabhu When I was growing up several of my relatives had been to United States, either for education or work. They were certainly the finest in their chosen areas of profession and/or education. Within few years in United States their financial prosperity was highly visible. They would […]
January 6, 2008

Unholy ways of ‘Holy’ Missionaries

On December 25th when the whole world was celebrating the birth of the Jesus Christ, churches were burning in Orissa. As per confirmed estimates 11 churches had been burnt. On December 27th Religious leaders in the national capital expressed their anguish over the continuing attacks on the churches in Orissa, […]