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May 14, 2015

Until “divorce” do us apart…

According to Indic faiths, nothing in life is eternal; change is the only constant. So, no matter how much – ever – we try, all that we’ve made or gathered is bound to perish. Since life is bound to perish – eventually – our philosophies teaches us to live in […]
May 22, 2015

Charvak: The ancient Hindu atheist, materialist & hedonist

Hindu is mostly a modern word. Believe me when I say that none of the Hindu scriptures have even a word called “Hindu” or even closely related to it. That’s because the word came into being mostly after the Alexander “the great” failed conquest of India. Hindu was the word they pronounced whenever […]
June 7, 2015

Carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength

Our worries are due to various commitments and responsibilities. Our worries comes in many hues and colours. We feel inadequate when we compare ourselves with others. “Maybe… I’m not good enough to do that job” or “I don’t think I’m clever enough to make an impact” We may be afraid to […]
September 17, 2015

Conquest of Sorrow

Grief can seldom touch the one who is understanding, who has achieved balance, who has realized the knowledge of the scriptures, and is ever free from envy, self-control and master of his senses. The wise man should hold fast to this illumination and keep watch over his thoughts; he then knows how the […]