September 21, 2008

The Political Side of Mangalore’s Mayhem

Last week, an untoward incident happened in Mangalore. The proselytizing center of ‘New Life’ Christians was ransacked by Bajarang Dal activists and, in the confusion, the Catholics too were targeted, thus leading to chaos. There were two reasons that led to the attack by infuriated Bajarangees: first, the denigration of […]
September 14, 2008

Nationalism – A Concept Alien to Islam

As an egalitarian nation, India has the constitutional obligation to guard the religious liberties of every citizen. Hence, recently, when Mohammad Zubair, a corporal with the Indian Air Force, was ordered to shave off his beard to maintain uniformity, he took no time in moving the country’s judicial system. ‘A […]
September 6, 2008

Tactics and Propaganda of Proselytization

Ours is an era of capitalism—an era marked by financial prowess, controlled by financial czars, and ruled by corrupt politicos. The greatest weapon of our times is not one that kills the body’s power to breathe, but the one which kills the mind’s power to reason—propaganda. Any person or institution  […]
August 29, 2008

Notion of ‘Azadi’ and ‘Kashmiriyat’

Much is being written about the current state of affairs in Kashmir. The ‘Azadi’ of Kashmir and independence to ‘Kashmiriyat’, is being spoken of. But what Azadi are they dreaming about? And which Kashmiriyat are they talking of? Have Hindus no share of that Kashmiriyat, on the basis of which […]